Shower Rent, the shower rent solution that is ideal during a bathroom renovation. You and your family still remain showering tasty and remodel with a shower from Rent a temporary shower with us!

Our range renting temporary shower:

Shower rental

Shower rent / rental

-Compact temporary booths to provide doors (standard with curtain)

-Large temporary booths equipped with doors

-Care Cab (visit here for our colleagues:

Our shower rental method:

-You contact us through the inquiry form and submit us your situation (temporary shower necessary because: leakage, care or bathroom remodeling).

-You will receive very soon a response.

-Together with you we determine the type and the best place for the temporary shower.

-We send you a free offer.

-If you agree we speak about the date and time of supply.


Temporary room hire, I am reminded of:

We can almost in every room set a spotless temporary shower.

For example, a temporary stall placed in the attic, in the (near) kitchen, living room, bedroom, living room. (Almost never out ** or in the bathroom itself **)

We install and hiring hundreds of temporary showers on an annual basis so we went through every situation. (It may be that we come up with ideas that you have not thought of)

Our temporary shower can be connected to existing taps, pipes, or are provided with a water heater. (Boiler hire * does not always have the desired effect shower).

Our mechanics get nothing at loggerheads, because it is (often), but a few weeks rent.

We bring the temporary stall to the water instead of the water to the shower. (So no snake gang by your room / house)

We give clear instructions and explanations on how to use. This statement let us also back to read the rest of the family

During the period of the temporary room rentals please call us / email us with questions

Mail us when rental period is about to end (1 week in advance) Common renovations runs out so you will not be without temporary stall.

We get the temporary shower collect it and put everything back in its original state. (It may be that sometimes must sit a link or pipe)

Shower rental with stands for:

-cutting Rates

-Cleaning service

-Pick up and transfer service

-Quick delivery

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